04 January 2012

Eleven of 2011.

The New Year always gives cause to reflect on the year that came before. 
2011 was honestly kind of a funky year-- good, but filled with all kinds of different emotions.
It seems like a lot a of people went through hard times and big changes.
That's when we learn the most about ourselves...
We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails (Thomas S. Monson)
Life happens, and the biggest thing I learned in 2011 is that it doesn't stop or slow down...
especially if you are in a funk!
So, just for fun on this silly/inconsequential blog, 
I wanted to revisit some of my favorite Lula memories of the year. 
These are my Top Eleven of 2011... of course after more meaningful, family memories :)
In no particular order:



And Oranges.

We always start the year with oranges. Lots of oranges.
We think they bring good luck.

Best of luck to YOU in 2012!

I love how my Uncle John said it,  
Forgive yourself for your failures and shortcomings, and change the things you want to change.

A few things I know and will not change--
*Love for my family. All ten gazillion of them.*
*Chocolate IS the answer for most of things.*
*Sweat pants in public are ok.*
*Hard work eventually pays off*
*It's okay to dream.*

My goal is to have a not-so-funky year.
2012 is going to be great.


gwynne said...

You are beyond something special and I love you so very much. May the New Year be beautiful in countless ways for you and your sweet family.


I agree with everything you know, so smart missy!

Haley said...

WOAH, hello best post of 2012--you sure came fast this year! Some MAJOR conviction was just garnered within me.

To a better 2012. And a new baby boy!

Haley said...

PS. Was that President Monson quote from the talk Travis just had me read?

The Locklins said...

It was fun to look back at your favorite moments. A great way to recap the year. I'm so with you, cheers to a less funky year. 2012 is gonna be great! I can feel it.

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