04 May 2011

A Spring Shower for Baby Penelope.

My neighbor, Amy, and I hosted a baby shower for another neighbor, Brooke.
It was inspired by the colors in her nursery and spring (hallelujah!).
Nothing at all against pink, but I love that there is none!

We kept the menu simple with cookies and milk.
(Including these cookies .)
...one of each, please!

Recipe cards for favors.

The best part was that Baby Penny got to be there too! Since the Mama went into labor the night before our original party date, we postponed the shower and I am so glad it worked out that way!
But how horrible that I don't have even one photo of the beautiful Mother (who already fits in her jeans!) and that precious babe...

If you care to, notice how I got to reuse some elements from Lisa's wedding? I love when I can do that!

Now, if you'll excuse me. I have some leftover cookies that need to be eaten...


Haley said...

That banner is so cute! Am I too old to have one like it hanging in my room? Probably. Those cookies look so delicious too....with all the different milks....such a cute idea. And with the paper liners on the bark stands, I hardly noticed they were recycled.

This could be replicated for my first shower--it'll be in like 230, 203 years, but hey, I'm sort of obsessed with it. (Not that I expect you to throw it...but maybe if you could pass it on?)

This is an awkward comment. I'm sorry.


The Locklins said...

This shower is magazine worthy (no surprise). Every detail is darling. The guest of honor was touched I'm sure. Cookies & Milk, who doesn't LOVE that. Those bark stands...amazing. I love the non-pink spring theme too.

The Edison's... plus two! said...

i am in love with all of this:)... and could that name be any cuter? love, love, love! (now make sure you are at my house may 22!) xo

Vicki said...

Love these cake stands, did you make?

Sheryl said...

This is such a great idea! All the colors go for either boy or girl as the red isn't pinky. I also love your light above the table - looks like it's something that Candice Olson would put in a room! And I just knew Vicki would like the cake stands!! I've got a 2nd birthday for my granddaughter coming up next month, hmmm, what will I incorporate into her party???

Lauren said...

Thank you!
I did make the cake stands. Well, technically my husband made them... fairly easy if you can find good logs.

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