02 May 2011

I got nothin'.

I've been too busy eating leftover Crepe Cake to think about blogging.
And busy doing other things like laundry and painting baseboards.
So I've got nothin' to share... not even a delicious recipe.
I did try, however, to make up my own Quinoa Banana Bread recipe. And just because the kids ate it doesn't mean it was a success... I'm not giving up.

So what's a [lame] post without a picture? Super lame.
Totally unrelated...

That's me imitating my sister on our family Sunday walk.
No, she's not a pole dancer, she just likes a prop when she poses for a photo.
What's weirder is probably me posting such an awkward photo of myself.
What can I say? I thought it was hilarious (in an inside joke kind of way).

Happy Monday and Happy MAY!!!
So happy to see Miss May.

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