25 April 2011

Easter was lovely.

How many ways can we do eggs...?
(we went through 3 dozen this weekend)

I have been looking for an excuse to make a Crepe Cake.
I saw a link to the recipe along time ago, but can't remember where that was.
Anyway, I've been dying to make it.
It took roughly FOREVER--
one of the most complicated recipes I have ever attempted, but SO worth it.
The Real Crepe Cake
One dozen eggs to make a Crepe Cake...
(As Ben said, the most complicated cake in the world)

And my littles--- all dressed up for church.
Don't get me started on how hard it is to photograph these two together.

A small and quiet celebration. But lovely.

I am so grateful for what Easter represents:

My favorite part of that:
Because Jesus walked such a long lonely path utterly ALONE,

Happy Easter.


Meridith O. said...

That cake looks divine! Your kids are so darling and Lucia's dress is priceless! Miss you guys, let's do a BBQ as soon as it is warm!

k. said...

Lauren, you're just so talented! And your photos are so good!

I've had that cake at Lady M - it's one of my favorite Upper East Side spots, despite the fact that they are absolute cake snobs. :) YUM.

nalani said...

I would like to bare my testimoy of this cake.......Lauren brought me a piece Sunday night (I would like to believe she made it just for me!) and about 2am I wanted to break into her house for another piece! Seriously, so divine! Well worth the effort and I would like to request it every year for my birthday please.

Kilee said...

Oh yum! That's all I need to say:)

Vicki said...

ok--plan on making that when you come home next month! You will have lots of su chefs!

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