16 March 2011


I have to remind myself how far we have come with this whole remodeling adventure... it's baby steps.

This little project in particular took over a year, but it is complete!
No more dust means that I feel like a new woman.
Carpet (ugh! the carpet!), baseboards, painted ceilings, accessories and new light fixtures will truly complete this phase of the project.
But for now, I won't complain. Or nag (I'm under oath).

(these were taken just after moving in, please don't mind the mess...)
ps. that hideous window treatment is RIP-ing.

prepare for color.
Any angle I missed? Ha. I couldn't decide.

I love how open and fresh everything feels.
And I love that the handyman comes home to me ;)

Next? It's always a project.


J + J said...

I am pretty much in LOVE with your aqua (my fav color) window panes. The transformation is fantastic. You have true talent Lu.

Vicki said...

Truly impressive. I am so in love with your colors, your floor...how open and light everything is. So Cool.

Leslie Houx said...

I am in love!! We are in the process of working on our house...it is a never ending project!!

The Locklins said...

It looks gorgeous!

hknight said...

SO very cute, I LOVE IT!

The Edison's... plus two! said...

oh my... it was in progress when we saw it last. it is so beautiful... i am so proud of you and ben!

Whit said...

I love it Lauren... it looks really fresh and relaxing.

Vicki said...

You are both so talented.........Love it....I wish I could see it in person. Love all four of you...GiGi

Ciara said...

LOVEEEEE your projects and posts so I can see what I can't BE there to see! Lyle and I are jealous (in a good way)!!!!

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