06 March 2011

Hello Luci!

It was a Hello Kitty party on Saturday.
Our Sweet Luci is two.
Now THAT calls for a celebration!


Some of our guests. Party People.
But mostly, the guest of honor.
How I love this girl.

We are lucky to be surrounded by family and friends,
and so blessed that sweet Lucia is in our lives.


The Edison's... plus two! said...

so cute, so so fun... wish we lived closer to celebrate with little luc. everything turned out wonderful! xo

The Locklins said...

The party decor is so beautiful Lauren. And that little lady of yours is pure adorable.

Meridith O. said...

All I can say is....WOW!!! Beautiful party! Can I have one please?! ;) Love ya!

J + J said...

you're hired! can you do all my parties please? so inspiring! xo

nicole said...

this is so darling!! I love every detail.

Whit said...

Oh me oh my... so cute. She really is so divine.

What a party... you are such a fabulous mom.

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