03 March 2011

They were bored AGAIN.

Today it rained, then hailed, then sunned, then rained again.
I consider that progress. Especially because we've been enjoying 50+ (even 60 once!) degree weather this week. (Do you ever get sick of me talking about the weather??)
It's still not totally outside play weather, so our "I'm Bored!" Jar is still getting lots of attention (the boy begs for it).

Alien Egg.
Kind of gross but they love it! (especially boys.)

Place a raw egg in a glass jar. Add enough white vinegar to cover it:
screw on the lid and put it in the refrigerator.
The next day, pour out the liquid, cover it with fresh vinegar and place it back in the fridge.
On the third day, remove the egg and rinse it off.
The shell will have dissolved and the egg will be plump and rubbery. It will also be transparent-- roll it side to side and watch the yolk roll around. The acid in the vinegar eats the shell and gradually absorbs through the membrane to make it plump.
PS. White eggs work best.

Table Setting Placemats.Kids can teach themselves where to put dishes and utensils at mealtime, and maybe they'll even enjoy setting the table!

Use a colored marker to trace outlines of dishes, glasses and flatware in their proper places (we kept these ones simple) onto brown craft paper.
Let the kids color them however they wish.
Have the mats laminated so they can be used over and over again.

Make Your Own Coloring Book.
SO not original or creative, but this is my Cason's favorite thing to do.

Draw pictures in black ink only to be colored in later.
Perhaps make the pictures go with a theme.
(or at random and on demand as above-- how do you feel about my artistry? yikes)
Place all the pictures in a binder to be colored whenever the Crayola bug strikes a fancy.

Happy Boredom busting!
Signs of Spring are starting to show,
which means it really is coming and that we beat another winter!

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