19 January 2011

I'm Bored!!!

My little boy picked this phrase up somewhere, and since little sister is a copycat, she says it too! With these frigid temperatures smack-dab in the middle of winter, we all have a raging Cabin Fever! Boredom is never a good thing, so we sat down the other morning and put together an "I'm Bored!" jar. A bunch of ideas and jump-starts for projects or games to get their imaginations and creativity flowing. It's something I started forever ago, before I even had kids, which made it easy to put together. I am a chronic magazine clipper, so coupled with some ideas I came up with and memories of my own childhood, we have a pretty extensive jar of boredom busters.

Its easy to make... all you really need is a jar and paper.
If you want to make it cute, well, that's up to you!
Here's what I did---
A quart-size mason jar works perfect, and preferably one with a wide mouth.

As for the insides, I wish I could somehow upload my file to make it printable (I'm not that tech savvy). Instead, I will share the ideas with you as we do them. So far, we have done one every day!
Here's one to get you started:

{The Button Game}
Poke a tiny hole in the bottom of a paper cup with a sharp pencil.
Thread a 13-inch piece of ribbon or string through.
Knot a button onto both ends of the ribbon.
Now, see how many tries it takes to fling the bottom button into the cup!

They key to making this jar successful is making sure you have all the materials and ingredients on hand that each idea requires-- mostly basic craft supplies and pantry staples.

Using the jar is not as easy as putting a show on so I can get things crossed off my to-do's (I am way too guilty-- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is their fave), but it forces bonding time... just think of all the fun memories those kids will have! {I hope.}

What are your best Boredom Busters??


sheena said...

you are so awesome.

I LOVE the big paper rolls from Ikea--when the kids were younger, I would roll it out across the room, and draw roads for them to drive cars all over. Now they draw all their own scenes, cities, roads, the jungle, you name it....it's really fun:)

Haley said...

you are the cutest. and so is the jar idea.

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