17 January 2011

Eat Your Greens.

My darling friend Sheena (no really, she is the cutest girl you'll ever meet) invited me to a cooking class over the weekend. We learned how to cook with things like rutabaga, celery root, collard greens, turnips and fennel--- In very delicious ways.

I was successful tonight. My family gobbled it all up! Direct quote from the three-year-old: This is so delicious mom! Thank you so much! I'm serious. He thought rutabaga was DELICIOUS. That, my friends, is what keeps me cooking. It is so rewarding when I go to the effort to make healthy meals that my family in turn not only eats, but enjoys.

Check out RawMelissa and DelightfulDelicacies for some healthy and delicious ideas to feed your family. And that cute Sheena In the Little Red House is always creating food of the same caliber.

Here is the soup we had tonight. Don't let all the ingredients scare you... it's foolproof.
Thought I should share because good healthy food excites me!

1 comment:

sheena said...

hahaha you are such a liar. that girl is not as cute as you say.

but that IS good soup. you're right on that one.

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