09 May 2011

Calling All Robots!

We had a four-year-old birthday party over the weekend.
May 2254

We kept it low key-- just a handful of rambunctious preschoolers and
My little Robot has been running through the details with me for weeks! He wanted RobotPops, a pinata (or that thing you hit until candy comes out), and snacks. I took it from there, easy enough. But I challenged myself to use as much stuff as I could without buying anything new. I have to pat myself on the back because I did a pretty dang good job being resourceful.

april4 020

May 2157

May 2124

May 2148

May 2150

May 2153

May 2159

May 2127

May 2158
We named them CakeBots.
May 2131

May 2197

Build A Robot!
May 2126

May 2168

Pinata Time!
May 2188

May 2239
We wore matching robot necklaces for the party.

May 2217
The glasses were a hit! Such darling robots.

We had so much fun!!!
I'm just still in shock that we have a four-year-old.


The Edison's... plus two! said...

low key... oh i long to be you for one day... just one day:). love it, and love all the brutsch robots!

Haley said...

Seriously Lu, you are un-bot-ievable.
(Haha, I try so hard.
And still not even half as clever as you.)

Love the cakebots and the craft and all the nuts/bolts of the table...
...you really are something else. What a fun party--I wish I would have been invited ;]

But seriously, what was "low key" about that??


gwynne said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Cason! What an adorable robot he is as well as his sister. Four years old and so much to look forward to with a mommy and daddy like you both :)
Hugs from Grandma Gwynne

Luke{and}Dana said...

Oh my goodness! Case's robot party was fabulous! Look at all those cute decorations AND robots!

Vicki said...

You blow me away. I think you topped even yourself. Cutest thing ever! Is that even possible? Loved every detail!

katie bateman said...

Ok so cute! And Im stealing 4 ideas for my boys room. Love it.

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