10 May 2011

I know its May.

But those April Showers are still here! Thank you Robert Louis Stevenson who gently reminded me that the rain is good and necessary (I'm just so anxious for consistent weather, that's all).

When April skies begin to frown,
And the cold rain comes pelting down,
We must not grumble nor complain,
Nor idly say, we hate the rain.

God sends the rain; the dust-y ground
It softens in the fields around;
The moisture every plant receives,
And springs afresh in flowers and leaves.

Should God forbid the showers to fall,
Nor send us any rain at all,
The ground would all grow hard and dry,
And every living plant would die.

All things would starve and perish then--
No food for birds, nor beasts, nor men;
Then do not murmur, nor complain,
God, in His goodness, sends the rain.

Here is precisely what he's was talking about, right?..
We had a brief peak into summer last week, so I shouldn't complain...
Photos taken at the Tulip Festival on Friday,
something I look forward to every year.

1 comment:

The Locklins said...

I fully understand the desire for consistent weather, though don't really experience winter like you do in Utah. The tulip festival looks divine. I hope it warms up soon. When it rains here I use it as an excuse to take a break and relax indoors. Or at least try to see it that way. :)

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