13 May 2011

The Quest for Organization.

It's never ending, right?

If you are anything like me, you have project ADD and there are unfinished projects (a nicer way to say messes) everywhere. However, organizing drawers and closets was a childhood hobby of mine, still is, so my right and left brain are constantly at war.

...There is a nicely organized PILE of paint supplies sitting on the dryer. I stopped dead in the middle of painting the laundry room ceiling because I got distracted by the ever growing PILE of dirty clothes-- now it's two weeks later (for the paint, not the laundry). There is a PILE of putty and sanding supplies sitting in the living room waiting to be used on the newly installed baseboards (thanks Benny!). Outside the door to the backyard, there is a neat PILE of gardening tools and pots waiting to be planted because I had to feed the kids and put them down for naps then never got back to it. On the ottoman in front of the TV is a PILE of birthday cards, stamps, and gifts waiting to be sent out (even months late!) because, well, I'm just a slacker and I hate the post office. Do you see the trend?

I digress.

Standing in the middle of my project jungle, I try to find little ways to keep organized. It kind of helps when I am swimming in my self-imposed pool of a To-Do list, among the mandatory motherly and wifer-ly duties.

Here's the latest.

Maybe silly or inconsequential...
I don't know why decanting paint from gallon cans into smaller uniform jars made me feel so good, but it did. I just know that now it will be so much easier to paint over smudges and scratches that the kids perpetually impose on my freshly painted walls. A smaller jar feels like so much less of a commitment than a huge can and special can opener (if I can ever find it!). Plus if I keep the small jar and a small foam brush in the room the paint belongs, there are no excuses! So the blue marker mural that my Luci so beautifully colored on Cason's window seat months ago, can finally say goodbye (how embarrassing).

But then again, the laundry just sounded its demanding BUZZZZ!
So I'll have to get to that paint later.


Vicki said...

First of all, You get a TON done for someone with two little kids and a big house! Second,
I love that idea for trim paint! Why didn't I
think of that? I need to organize all my paint too!

Dyane said...

love this idea!!

The Edison's... plus two! said...

i agree with your mom... i think you need to cut yourself some slack. i think you are wonder woman and in my mind your house is perfect and organized (let me dream that its possible with 2 kids... you make me believe it is!). xo

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