12 April 2011

Weekend Happenings.

Not much.

Except lots of new pillows.
It was weather for staying inside AND my mom was in town.
The perfect recipe for a sewing weekend.
It's amazing what new throw pillows do to a room, so cheap and so fast!

I guess we also paid a visit to The Chocolate.

And Utah Lake .
{in my church clothes and slippers}
The weekend in three words:
relaxing, productive and beautiful.
That's it.
The end.


Tracy said...

Umm... GORGEOUS pictures! It doesn't get more beautiful than Utah. And the pics of you holding L? Holy cuteness. Funny you posted those pillows because that is currently a project I'm working on right now!

Rachel Elizabeth Holmes said...

i have been trying to find cute fabric to make pillows for my bed for so long! where did you find these fabrics?? they are so cute!

Lauren said...

Rae--- Fabric.com has so much to choose from, as does Home Fabrics in Orem (by Michaels). Good luck!

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