09 April 2011

Modern Vintage.

Modern Vintage Boutique.
check it out.

My sister set up shop this weekend, and I got to help.
I am seriously so proud of her... I would never be brave enough to do something like this.
My mom came to town to put her decorative touches and it turned out darling.

She stocks some seriously cute stuff.

It took 8 hours to set up... and we were all exhausted!
The set-up crew.

A few late-night giggles to help us push through.

She did it.
Keep an eye on her store as she gets new stuff all the time!


The Edison's... plus two! said...

sp proud of her! and such cute things... tell her i say congrats. now we have to go when i come to visit!

Tiffani said...

wait....where is her store? I have girls who LOVE to shop!

Lauren said...

I should clarify... it was just a temporary "shop" at the Women's Expo this weekend, but her online store is always there.

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