17 November 2011

They don't call it The Windy City for nothin'!

OH MY GOODNESS this place is freezing!

When Ben said he had to go to Chicago for business, I jumped on the opportunity to tag along, you know, kinda like a babymoon-- just me and my guy... And even though I got some major anxiety as it came time to leave the kids (picture Ben practically dragging me onto the airplane), we are having an absolute blast! But really, how could we not? It is everything I hoped it would be and more. Delicious food? Check. Incredible shopping? Double check. Phenomenal landscape? You got it. We aren't here long enough. I kind of wish I could make it a regular visit... Today while B was doing boring business stuff I got to shop at my favorite stores all. by. myself (!), without kids (though I miss them terribly), nowhere to be and no time constraints. Dreamy.

We will be home soon with full tummies, tired legs and practically empty wallets.
But next time you hear me complaining about cold Utah winters, remind me of The Windy City.
Really though, I would hop a plane any time, any season to be back.

1 comment:

Ciara said...

we might live here next year (well, it's 5th on our list, but it's still a possibility) so you could come visit!

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