10 November 2011

Pillow talk.

Being pregnant, I haven't had much energy to do anything beyond things that have to be done  
(like cooking, cleaning, errands, playing with the kids etc.).
But recently, energy has finally started to kick back in!
I have no major deadlines and I am extremely antsy to get momentum going back in the direction of our house projects.
TONS of projects, big and small.  But I just can't decide where to start.
So when I am feeling helpless or indecisive or overwhelmed... meaning not enough time and/or money...
Somehow it makes me feel like I've been productive. They liven up a room and give it a little bit more personality. 
This week, I changed up a few things in the kids rooms, you got it, with PILLOWS.

So next time you come to my house--- if I have lots of new pillows..?
It probably means I've been feeling overwhelmed.


gwynne said...

Lauren, you crack me up!! Sure wish I could whip up some adorable pillows when I am overwhelmed. I already know what you can do when you're calm, cool and collected - which is all I have ever seen :)!!
Happy you have your energy back. Miss all of you a lot.


Luke{and}Dana said...

LOVING the pillows my talented & creative friend! Can I please steal the dog pillows?! Precious! And does Luce have a big girl bed because I have NOT seen a photo of that!

The Locklins said...

Your pillows look amazing. I need to learn those skills because throw pillows are my total weakness. They do add new life to a room that is feeling boring.

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