27 January 2011

Still bored...

The weather has been better this week. But my bones still ache every time I go outside... I was sitting here checking email and suddenly thoughts of a warm breeze entered my mind, I can't wait. Anyway, my little guy begs everyday to "do something out of that jar"; here are a few more things that have been keeping my kids [temporarily] entertained:

Indoor Hopscotch.
You will need:
masking tape or duct tape

Use tape (you can find fun colors at hardware stores) and stick it to your carpet to make a hopscotch court. Get creative with the number and position of the squares. Enjoy hours of fun without worrying about chalk rubbing off. We've had ours up all week, the kids play for some time every day. Not so great for the aesthetics of my family room, but it gives them something to do!

Paper Tops.
You will need:
A toothpick
5-6 pieces of paper cut into 1-inch strips
Quick setting glue

Glue one end of a 12-inch long strip of paper, just above the toothpick's tip.
Roll tightly and secure the end with glue.
Glue on another strip to the end you just glued and continue rolling.
Repeat about 5 times to make a disk about 1 1/4 inches in diameter.
Press the coiled paper between thumb and finger to shape the top and twirl away!

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