02 February 2011

Hearts and stuff.

LOVE Valentine's Day.
It's all about love, how can you not?
We started decorating last week.
I love the excuse to decorate with corny hearts AND an excuse to eat chocolate.
As If I need an excuse to eat chocolate.

Here's an easy craft:
You will need-
Cut a bunch of different sized hearts out of felt and sew them together.
Easy peasy. Done in about 25 minutes.

Here's another:
Can you tell I like garlands?

You will need-
3 different patterns or colors of 12x12 scrapbook paper
(How cute would it be to do these black and white with a few red or pink accents?)
glue gun
hole punch
yarn or embroidery thread

Cut each piece of paper into 1x12inch strips (you should end up with 36 total)
Fold each strip in half and crease well
Make 12 stacks of three strips of paper, any combination you wish
Out of each stack cut 1-in off each side of one strip and 2-in off of each side of another strip.
Each pile should have three strips: 12in, 10in, 8in
To make the hearts, start with the smallest strip and fold the ends into the crease. Glue the bottom of that heart into the crease of the 10in strip then fold the edges into the crease, then do the same with the 12in strip.
Continue with the remaining eleven stacks until you have 12 hearts.
Take 12 of the 2in pieces you cut off earlier and glue them in the middle of each heart.
Punch a hole in each and then string them on yarn.

Happy Crafting!

1 comment:

Gwynne said...

You make pretty hearts Lu....and I love you. You and Ben are in my heart. May God fill your hearts up with His love.

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