03 February 2014


How cute are these sweet Valentines I found? Thank you, Pinterest (of course!). 
I think they were meant to be birthday cards, so after some cropping we slapped  
"Happy Valentine's Day" on them and changed the lips to a heart and and called the Valentines.
My L really loves them because she thinks it is a drawing of her 
(she kind of thinks she has blonde, or honey, hair).

Here's the link I used from Willowday. 
The illustrator made up other variations of hair, eyes, etc.

For Cason's, we printed off a cute idea from on Eigtheen25. Some people are so clever. 

Happy Valentining!


willowday said...

Oh, it makes me so happy to see these spread around and I agree -- it's a perfect match! I designed these for my daughter and am so happy when I see these spread around to others -- I know the happiness they bring! Happy Valentine's Day!

Vicki said...

you are so adorable. I would expect nothing less.
Love them both!

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