04 February 2012

Baby baby.

(I think tummy pics can be a little awkward and embarrassing... like this one here.
but only to illustrate, I'm about to pop! )

Just two weeks to go!
my to-do list is a whole mile and a half long. 

So as I stock up on my very favorite baby items (MUST HAVES), I thought I should share a few
because they really do make the whole experience just a tiny bit better (if that's even possible).


1 Burts Bee's Baby Oil. I use this liquid heaven-in-a-bottle in place of lotion after bath time.So delicious... makes baby extra kissable.
2 Lily Padz. These are the biggest lifesaver for a nursing mom. I absolutely cannot live without them. They are not at all bulky and they truly seal in any leaks.
3 Pure Works. With a new baby, there are lots of visitors. And with lots of visitors, there are lots of germs. I keep a bottle in every room, in the car, diaper bag... its so great because there is no alcohol to dry out your skin, because lets face it, you use a lot of it with a new baby around.
4 Baby Briefcase. I have one for each of my kids. Its the best way to organize ALL of the important paperwork that comes when you add a child to your family. Plus, it keeps it all very accessible. 
5 Buff Baby Rattle. Not essential, but how fun is this baby rattle? I think its hilarious-- It's never too early to get baby bench pressin'.

 Growing babies is the thing to do these days, it seems. So if you haven't experienced such a  heavenly scent or organization at its finest, it might be worth a try. 
Just sayin'.


Luke{and}Dana said...

You look SO GOOD! You are ALL BELLY! Too cute!

Tenille said...

Love the bump!!!! Lots of good stuff on that list and what a cute idea for the baby briefcase I'm gonna need to get one

The Locklins said...

The Burt's Bees Apricot Oil is my fav! I use it myself most days. It smells heavenly. You look absolutely beautiful-all baby. You are almost there.

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Can't wait to see your sweet baby!
Good luck missy- I love all your must haves! -Jen

Boo said...

Oh Lu, could you be any cuter?!! I cannot wait to welcome baby into the world -- you are so close! Lots of love to you and your precious family! XOXO!

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