07 February 2012

Indecision and fabric by Holli Zollinger.

Its another post about baby... more specifically the nursery. Are you sick of baby talk yet?
Why do thoughts about my baby's nursery flood my mind when there are so many more important things to think about and do? Just humor me for a moment.

The baby's room is finished except that I can't decide on fabric for bedding. There are so many darling things out there. Mostly darling fabric, and these prints by Holli Zollinger (on Spoonflower) have my head spinning. I have a big problem with indecision-- it usually lands me in one of two places... too much going on or an unfinished project. The true art of design (in my opinion) is pairing down all of your ideas, being decisive. A talent I DO NOT posses.

I have a major weakness for fabric though I am no seamstress (I just pretend I could be). 
This color combo just makes me happy. Loving these.

I may or may not do something about bedding using one or more of these.
Or I might just find myself in the baby aisle at Target.

And how much do you love these nursery hooks?


The Locklins said...

You can't go wring with these options. My favorites are: Foxen, Pebblestones and Linen Orange. SUPER cute!

Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Yep, you got some choices!! I love all those fabrics, dang how are you going to pick!?! And yes Love that cute rack!! Really Sweet! Good luck mama!

Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

That fabric is amazing! Thanks for sharing. I just stumbled on your blog... love it!


bloger said...

It's a very nice room, both peaceful and fresh. However, I do not think it is a very good example of putting together a nursery "without spending a fortune".
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