31 May 2011

Apple Cupcakes.

So I know it looks weird.
That's because my kids made it.
BUT, its actually quite delicious
AND you can bank on half of an apple sittin' pretty
in a tiny tummy in no time flat (thanks to Nutella!).
I'm always looking for healthy and easy snacks around here; this one's the latest.
Cha-ching! Success.

Apple "Cupcakes"
(makes 2)
Wash and core an apple.
Slice it in half, horizontally.
Then put a thin layer of almond butter or PB then Nutella for flavor and deceit (I learned that from Jessica Seinfeld).
Let the kids go to town with sprinkles, granola, peanuts, raisins, M&Ms, whatever.
Last, call it a cupcake, and they are bound to at least try it.
But they won't stop because how can you stop eating anything
smothered in Nutella and sprinkles?

I told you they liked 'em.

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