01 June 2011

Toes and other things.

I went to CA last week for a few different reasons, one of which, to get away from the downpour here in Utah (it's over now-- thank the heavens!).
It was a fabulous week-- jam-packed and sunny!
One of the days, I packed the kids up, slathered them in sunscreen
and headed to my dad's house in Carlsbad where we sunk our toes in the sand (a new sensation for my little L, now that she's no longer an infant).
The seashore really is a magical place and though unrelated to the magic of the crashing waves and salty sea air it always brings me a greater awareness of my feet. You too?
Thus, the reason I am posting today... Do you love my toenails?
I can't get enough.
I remember the very first pedicure I got, and how happy "cute toes" made me feel,
especially in summertime sandals. I can't justify regular pedicures now that I am supposedly a responsible adult (I would rather spend that $25 on a delicious lunch or a new throw pillow),
so Jamberry makes sense to me.
I know I mention Jamberry a lot, but I just can't help myself.
I feel like everyone should know about them. Each application lasts waaaay longer than any pedicure does, and they are so much more fun than a solid color.
You should try them out now that summer is here.
Just sayin'
And by the way, right now they are offering buy 3 get 1 free plus free shipping.

And speaking of feet.
You know how they say that kids keep you humble?
My two-year-old is already driving that bus!
The other day she was closely examining my feet with a puzzled look on her face when she asked
WHAT IS THAT, mommy?
She was inquiring about the nasty callouses on my feet.
How does she already know that those aren't supposed to be there? And doesn't she know that I am already aware AND self-conscious about them?
She then proceeded to bring me the nail polish and told me that I needed to paint my toenails (I applied Jamberry instead).
It isn't the perfect fix, and its old news, but have you tried the PedEgg?
If you haven't tried it, surely you have seen the overly dramatic infomercials on midnight TV...
Well, I'm a believer, especially if used regularly (which I don't).
But if you are the type that is fascinated by popping pimples and peeling sunburned skin,
you will most definitely be fascinated as the PedEgg grates your callous like cheese.
It's so cool.

So now, you have silky feet and cute toenails.
Just two more things that I am loving right now, then I promise I will be finished.

Since we're talking feet, next comes shoes.
The Easter bunny brought both of my boys a pair of Native shoes, and they are simply fabulous!
I have never been a fan of Crocs for some reason, but you can't deny their practicality!
Look at the Natives though, practical and stylish! The best of both worlds. They come in 4 different silhouettes of shoes we all know and love.
My boy and my man love them the same.

While I'm at it, can I share the book I am reading and loving right now (thank you book club)...?
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie
Its an easy read--- clever, funny and the main character is adorable; she's a sleuth.

Okay I'm finished.
I just had to share.
I would love to hear about the things you are loving right now!


Haley said...

1. I'm loving you.

2. Can you save that read for me to browse through?

3. Yes, I am copying you.

Jaime Stephens said...

They have a copy cat of those shoes at target. I got them for fathers day I hope there something like the real thing because we've been digging those..

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren, I just found your blog and I love what you've got going on. Cute parties, fun decorating, and yummy recipes. I hope you don't mind but I pinned a few of your posts to my Pinterest account. Let me know if you want them removed. You can email me at suzannejhart@mac.com. Thanks!

ps. My friend Lyndsey is one of the owners of Jamberry. I'll let her know how much you love their product!

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