14 November 2010


I love Jessica Seinfeld's book Deceptively Delicious. It is one of my favorite cookbooks when it comes to preparing meals for my kids. She has such great HEALTHY ideas for food that my kids (and us adults) love to eat and she slips vegetable puree in just about every recipe!

Well, not only is her Double Delicious! out, but I learned from my pal Gwyneth P (alright, maybe I just really WISH she was my BFF-- do you read GOOP?) that Jessica has a new website, originally devoted to teaching her friend how to cook, that is a great resource for simple, delicious meals and for keeping a well-functioning kitchen---DoItDelicious. The videos are kind of fun because they show the real Jessica in her beautiful kitchen. Even Jerry pokes his head in the picture every now and again. Her cooking style is so simple and healthy that her recipes are extra rewarding. I very highly recommend her cookbooks, especially if you cook for kids.

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Aubrey Leong said...

Love your new blog Lauren. And thanks for introducing me to GOOP. :-) Made the baja shrimp tacos tonight...sooo good!

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