03 April 2011


It's been an incredibly beautiful couple of days.
I spent 9 hours in the yard yesterday with my mother-in-law (how sweet is she?).

Green and Blossoms. Everywhere!
The kids and I did some planting indoors a couple weeks ago.
Hallelujah Daffodillies!

My babies have thoroughly been enjoying the weather too.
But look what greeted us this morning..!
LOTS of snow. It was very pretty, it just better not overstay it's welcome!
The daffodils hide their heads in shame-- I hope they recover :/

I'm thinking that where our house sits, the snow stays longer and Miss Spring waits at least a week longer to share her beauty. That's alright though becuase she is here now and the snow was beautiful today.

Working in the yard yesterday felt incredible.
True, mother nature gets most of the credit,
but check my very favorite garden-tools that put the cherry on top
of a successful yardening day:

1. OXO Hand Rake The perfect tool for cleaning out the leaves and junk under bushes and other hard to reach places.

2. Atlas Garden Gloves Not at all bulky, but waterproof. Plus they come in fun colors! (I have green ones).

3. Hoe Dag This is a serious multi-tasker-- Digger, blade, hoe, shovel... The claim is that you don't need any other tools. It has a life-time warranty to boot! And their customer service is AWESOME. Ben accidentally broke mine, and they sent us a new one no questions asked.

4. V&A Watering Can I wish I had a link for this one (mine was a lucky TJMaxx find). Aside from being A-dorable (right?), it spits out the perfect amount of water in the most gentle little shower. I feel like my plants are going to like it too ;) Then it sits so pretty in my laundry room, like its part of the decor or something! Double duty-- yesss.

5. Crocband Flats I'm usually not a fan of crocs or croc-like products, but they do have a perfect place in the yard. My feeling definitely changed when I discovered these because they are actually quite cute AND functional (my favorite combination!).

Happy Happy Spring!

Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

can't believe it snowed! I love your daffodills.
Spring makes yardwork fun!

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