30 March 2011

Her name is Rosemary.

Fresh herbs make me so happy sitting there all pretty in the windowsill,
all spring-ish and green.

My rosemary plant was getting quite large
until I remembered something I saw in a magazine a while ago:

Rosemary Salt
Sea salt* : fresh rosemary

Mix it together in a food processor.
Then put it in a cute little jar and voila!
Imagine how delicious this is as meat seasoning. Or in soups, potatoes, garlic bread, salad dressing, sandwiches... endless possibilities really!

*My favorite is RealSalt.


beau&lindee said...

love your blog. i will be trying out some of your recipes)


Alexandra said...

wow rosemary salt seems like such a wonderful idea! fresh herbs are such a wonderful treat in the spring and summertime. i will definitely be trying that. you have a beautiful blog, i literally just stumbled upon it through The Little Red House and I am so glad I did. I will definitely be reading.

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