20 May 2013

Party time: GOooo Cougars!

To say that my Cason is a BYU fan, might be an understatement.
I think it happens to be because we live close by BYU and because blue is his favorite color.
(...or is blue his favorite color because..? Doesn't matter)

Cason wanted to play a Blue and White scrimmage with all of his friends.
He invited all the boys from his kindergarten class, plus a handful from the neighborhood.
If you're keeping track, that's 20 of our favorite 4-6yearold boys total (including my own). 
It was quite the energy-infused birthday party. No one was allowed inside ;)

When he was running through details with me, he said he wanted pizza, cougar tails (BYU's own donuts), a pinata and of course a cake. 
But mostly, just to play football with his friends.

I honestly didn't start pulling party details together until the day before, 
and on the day of the party, I chaperoned the school field trip, 
so there wasn't much time.
It didn't quite live up to all that I hoped it would when we started talking about it months before!
Oh well. 
The birthday boy was happy with it and all of Cason's fellow cougar fans thought it was pretty cool, too.

I raided the BYU Bookstore and Creamery for paraphernalia then printed a few labels. 
Cason came up with the games, and even set them up.
All I had to make food-wise was the cake! 

And that's all I had time for!
I have to say, less prep time was kind of nice.

It was a windy day--totally ruined my decorations.
But the sweaty footballers sure enjoyed the breeze!




It was still too windy, so he blew out the match instead of the candles.
I think his wish will still come true ;)

GOOOOO Cougars!


Jessica Edison said...

I have decided that your one day party planning skills are better than 99.9% of the populations month long party planning skills! This is amazing. All three of your children are so lucky to have you as their mama. This could quite possibly be one of my favorites of your parties:).

Eliza said...

Yeah, I can totally tell that you just threw that one together. :)

Vicki said...

How did I miss this!? Turned out so so cute!!! You are amazing. So amazing!

Haley said...

Didn't quite live up to your expectations?! You are crazy. This party looked so cute! Trav and I sure missed out big time!!!!

Hello Cupcake said...

Wow! So many great details. What a fun party!

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