11 December 2012

Avo Arugula and Egg on Toast.

Yes, another post about food. That's really the only excitement around here. 
One of these days I will start feeling a desire to be creative again...

In the meantime-- Let us talk some more about food :)

Arugula is my favorite green. So versatile and fresh and pretty! Plus, it has a very unique flavor.

My lazy girl lunch is a fried egg sandwich, something I grew up on. It was always what we would eat when either my mom was in a hurry or we had no other food.
But it is one of my favorites to this day.  
It used to be served on a toasted piece of bread with mayo and ketchup. 
Nowadays I enjoy it a little bit different: 
Avocado smashed on a piece of whole wheat toast 
pile on arugula, 
then a fried egg on top. 
Dash it with a little salt and cracked pepper. 

Such a treat.

1 comment:

Jeane M. said...

Yummy! Love the version you've created - pure goodness and clean. Must make this for tomorrow certainly. Got my eye on your next posts.

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