07 June 2012

Welcome to Levi's room.

 The nursery is finally finished, and I am finally getting around to posting photos.
My photography skills aren't great, but you get the idea.  
 We love this playful space.


 love those buns.


I tried doing this room on a budget.
I would have loved to get new furniture, but I used what we already had.
Then I made a lot of the extras myself.
The crib and changing table have now been through three babies. 
Striped sheets and changing pad are from Land of Nod.
I made the bumpers using Holli Zollinger fabric.
The mobile was a fun project using random supplies in my craft room.
Various artwork found at Ikea, or TJMaxx, or made by me.
After that sweet baby boy, the stenciled ceiling is my favorite part, but man was that tricky!


Anonymous said...

Great job! Love the industrial/modern feel to it. Very sweet space.

Vicki said...

The ceiling is fabulous. This room is even better in person. So creative at every turn.

The Locklins said...

It turned out amazing Lauren! And I love that all three of your babes slept in that crib. Every detail is amazing. The tiny buns are my favorite part but the cityscape and ceiling are awesome!

Did you paint that yourself?

Tenille said...

Such a cute nursery and I love furniture that has a history but I have to agree the pic of the buns is my favorite!!! I love little baby buns : )

Brooke said...

I seriously love this. That ceiling is rad for sure, but after just painting a ceiling just one color I have no idea how you stenciled one. Props to you!

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