01 May 2012


At Hokulia today, opening day.

For my Ben, this is better than opening presents on Christmas morning. 
So we made an event of it.
We are so happy they are doing so well and in their third season.
It's a popular place. But if you are local (or just visiting) and haven't been, its the best around...
 almost like being in Hawaii. 
The ice is truly shaved, melts in your mouth, and they make their own syrups. 

Run. Don't walk.
 --and then--
Try our favorite EVER flavor combo (and believe me, we have tried a lot thanks to Ben):
 spearmint/cinnamon with a snow cap, of course. 
Seriously try it.


Lindsey & Tony said...

Looks like I know where I'm going next time I come and visit you! Looks so good!

The Edison's... plus two! said...

MMMMMMM... my mouth is watering! I love the snow cones and Levi's smiles and Case and Luc. Wish I was there sharing one with the Brutsch's!

Hokulia Shave Ice Co. said...

Thanks for the praise Lauren, visit our Facebook page to claim your reward! www.facebook.com/hokuliaice

Clint and Stef :)

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