28 April 2012

Bandana Bib.

I love this idea so much more than the typical "Mommy Loves Me" variety. 
Perfect for the spit-upper and drooler alike! 
 Plus they are so easy to make... I just raided my basket of fabric scraps.

To make:
(warning, I am not very good at giving instructions)
First, raid your scrap basket... or cut up old tshirts. flannels, even cute sheets. Just be sure at least one side is soft and absorbent. 
 Cut two pieces of fabric, one for each side into an isosceles triangle (how do you like that 4th grade geometry?), the long side measuring 17in and the two shorter sides measuring 12in.
Sew them together, right sides facing in as you would a pillow case, leaving about 2in on any side open so you can turn it right side out. 
After turning out, poke the corners out, fold and pin the open 2in, then iron. 
Sew around the entire perimeter, about 1/8in in from the seam. 
Attach some snaps or velcro, and voila! 
Baby will be spitting up in style!


Luke{and}Dana said...

TOO CUTE!!! He looks like a little man!! When I have babies one day, you will have to make some for me because we both know I can't sew and probably will never learn! ... unless I come to "Lauren's Sewing & Creativity Camp" where you teach me! :)

The Edison's... plus two! said...

such a great idea! i always went through bibs like crazy... maybe this means i need one more baby?

The Locklins said...

These are so fashionable and I love them. Much more than the "Mommy loves me" variety too. That made me smile. Your little Levi...makes me melt. He's so precious.

J + J said...

Love this! Thanks for adding yet another project to my (very) long list :) These are SO cute, especially for a little boy.

p.s. you never fail to amaze me with your creative skills. Along with Dana, I would like an invite to Lauren's Sewing and Creativity Camp. xo

Jenni Pugh said...

Cute! I'm definitely making one!

Anonymous said...

Your geometry is just my speed! Love them, will whip one up this weekend.

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