19 March 2012

It was so... Purpley.

 My Lucia Mae turned three. 
And all she really wanted was a purple party and purple cake.
I literally threw together anything I could find that was purple, 
made some party hats, and of course a purple cake. 
Then we cranked The Beibs (did you know his favorite color is purple, too?) and let the three-year-old sing and dance along because she loves to do that.

Let the [small] celebration begin!


...can you say Purplicious? It was.


The Edison's... plus two! said...

I don't even know how you had the energy for this. Happy Birthday sweet Luci. (and tell her I read this while I ate purple peeps... really:)).

Trina Peterson said...

What a scrumpious party. Purplicious is one of my favorite kids book!

Amber T said...

Such a perfect party for a purble-loving girl! You are my hero being able to do all this with a new little bundle of preciousness in the house!

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