30 November 2011

By the light of the tree.

So its a lot Charlie Brown. 
But it's all lit up and it makes me so happy as I sit here in its glow. 
I totally simplified this year and put up the least amount of Christmas decor I have ever done (or not done)... mostly because I don't have the energy, but also because I need some new decorations. 
But I love our sparse little tree dressed with only ornaments that tell a story. 
The children love hearing about each and every one. Everyday.  
    Happy December! Let the joy and merriment begin!

 PS. our computer crashed  last week (THE WORST) and the new one's arrival isn't scheduled for another two weeks still. Ugh.
So don't expect much from me anytime soon, not that I have been very present anyway... Though I do have lots to share, especially if you want to hear about my growing baby. Exciting! Big plans in the mix to start the nursery soon.

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