13 January 2011

It's all part of the Experience.

At our house, we go for experiences... whether it be a family outing or drying my hair, its about trying to make the task at hand as enjoyable as possible. I imagine that's the approach most people take. My Benny is a romantic and strives to make things memorable. He dreams of owning a one-horse open sleigh and a bell tower some day. I think he's set a tone for our life that everything must be appreciated as an experience. This is one of my favorite things about him. Somehow this has to do with the rest of my post...

As I go about my day-to-day, I sometimes stop and revel in the moment because a certain product has transformed a chore into an experience. Do I make any sense? I've become a passionate consumer because of this and therefore love sharing the things that make my life easier and more enjoyable. Take it or leave it... some of the things I have been loving, I mean experiencing, lately:

1. I love my Chi. I said blow-drying my hair was an experience. It's possibly due to the fact that I had a crappy blow dryer to start with or that I have heavy, fine and limp hair, but my hair dryer has changed this chore from my least favorite thing to do (maybe why sometimes I skip washing my hair.. sshhh don't tell) into an experience. This was my long awaited Christmas gift from Ben. The claim is that it dries 40% faster. I believe it. He was looking to make this task more enjoyable. What he really gave me was the gift of time! Its so much lighter and quieter, it dries FASTER! and somehow it doesn't dry out my hair, even in these horribly dry winter months (don't get me started). I'm a fan.

2. This is not your mother's heating pad. I keep this in my night stand because after a day on my feet with a child on my hip, my back aches. And I'm kind of addicted to the smell. I love to use it while I cuddle up in bed with a magazine as I fall asleep. Or I simply use it to warm myself up, again, in these freezing winter months where I just can't seem to get warm... Really though, its all worth it for the heavenly scent.

3. Jamberry Nails. So great--- I think I should be their official sales rep because I tell everyone I know about them, and they are my no.1 go-to gift. I like to think that I keep up on my beauty needs, but I am the type of person that always has chipped toenails. I don't make the time to keep them up and money I would spend on pedicures inevitably goes to food or my house. SO, for me Jamberry is the perfect solution. PLUS, you get at least three applications out of every sheet and anyone who sees my toenails comments about how cute they are! Check them out... there are lots of designs. If you have any questions about how to apply them, I would be happy to answer. Heck, I will even apply them for you!

4. Trader Joe's Lavender Oil Spray. Trader Joe breaks my heart because I don't think he will ever come to Utah. So anytime we are outside of this Beehive state we stock up. It's always part of our vacation itinerary anywhere we go. This is so wonderful. Lavender is wonderful. I keep it in the shower, and before I towel off (in these horrid winter months) I spray it and rub it in, then pat dry. I at least smell beautiful all day, even if I don't look it, and doing this long enough keeps my skin hydrated.

5. Honey Lovers Jelly Beans. I'm a lover. Its the biggest paradox in my life because I love making and eating healthy food, but I am very passionate about CANDY in the same breath. I probably undo anything good I give my body through healthy eating with the candy stashes in my purse, car and night stand (don't tell my dentist/dad). But somehow these feel healthy (hah!) because they are made with real antioxidant rich HONEY. Just sayin'.

6. Moroccan Oil. My beautiful as a mermaid sis-in-law turned me on to this a while ago. It's the first thing I do after blow drying my hair! See, it really is an experience. They scent alone is enough, but I feel like it nourishes the ends of my hair after I finish drying them out with the blow dryer (except that I don't dry them out as much anymore, remember?)

Please excuse my periodic raves... I get excited about things I love.


nicole me oh my! said...

what in the world?! how did I not know about this here blog? I have missed your blog ever since you went private, so excited to know you have another blog!!

and, I want to buy all of these products now! I love posts like this. keep em coming..

larajanepark said...

happily stumbled upon you while reading the Mrs. at He and I.
Glad to have found you! I'm crazy about my Chi and my Moroccan oil too!

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