07 December 2010

Deck the Halls.

Both times we looked at homes or prospective residences in the past, I always imagine what it will look like at Christmastime. Its just one of those things I have to think about logistically before signing any contracts. Well, I didn't do much in the way of decorations last year, being the first year in our house, and it took me way longer than it should have this year to Deck the Halls... especially considering that I didn't do that much (we are still in the middle of our little remodeling project, so I just decorated right over it). The end result is not quite what I imagined pre-contract, but it feels festive. And I guess that's the purpose of all of this, right? So mission accomplished! Hope your days are
Merry and Bright!


Nicole said...

i love the colors in your home! such incredible shimmer, too.

the sleepy time gal

Vicki said...

Jeezy peezy, how did I miss the announcement of this blog? I was wondering when I would get to see your decorations?! I love love love the windows in the bookshelves...and I know you are sick of your Christmas decorations, but honestly what you have done with them is adorable and so creative. (love the hanging snowflakes!)

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