17 March 2013

Party time: Mermaid Style.

This 4-year-old girl LOVES Ariel, so naturally she wanted an Ariel birthday party. 
But I kind of have an aversion to licensed characters (and anything licensed is twice the price), so she settled for a MERMAID PARTY and invited Ariel.
I think she was happy with it.
She was very happy that she got to wear her Halloween costume again (score for me!)...
We made her a birthday crown and she just felt like a mermaid princess. 

Ariel guarded the sand dollar and oyster cookies.

Line up for the pinata!

Ariel oversaw the nail painting and headband making.

She also taste-tested the strawberry cake for us.

Three and four-year-olds are so much fun. 
I love throwing parties for (and with) my sweet Lucia. 
She gets so excited about every little detail. 
It was such a swimming-good time.

Four cheers for mermaids!


Vicki said...

I love Cason in the middle of all the girls! ABSOLUTELY adorable as ever...

PS I think The Ariel doll needs the fabric softener hair treatment! Haha

Haley said...

Cason is sitting right next to Ruby, the "cute girl".
Love it.

That party was a smashing success! So cute!

The Locklins said...

Your Lucia is so darling and what a beautiful party. I'm so with you on licensed characters. I avoid walking down those shopping aisles so Chloe doesn't ask for things...I'm such a mean mom. Haha! Congrats on another beautiful and fun party! Isn't party planning so fun?

Eliza said...


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