08 February 2013

Party time: Monkey Style.

I'm such a bore these days... I feel so on top of things if I actually get dressed and ready.
And then if I can do a fun project AND blog about it... well then I might as well be called Mother of the year!
It doesn't really ever happen. 
 So instead I will just cheat and recount the past.
I have three kids birthdays coming up.
The older two have already decided... A BYU party for the boy and a Mermaid party for my girl. Big surprise...NOT.
We've already been talking details.
But first we have a one-year-old party and I need to come up with a simple something, and fast!
 I have been going through some of my past birthday parties for inspiration.
All it made me realize was that there were a few that never made it to this blog...
so I figured this is what I will do... relive the past until I actually get my rear in gear for some new material ;)

I had a thing for monkeys as a child (and as a teen, I'll admit it)
so I got it out of my system when I threw a Monkey Party.
Cason turned 2 four years ago, 
so four years ago... we partied like Monkeys--


Thanks for partying it up MONKEY STYLE with me!
I can't believe I'm getting ready to celebrate my six-year-old!
Time seriously flies.

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