29 August 2012


My attempts to blog here on Lula have been pretty lame lately, I admit. We are still cooking & eating, still working on house projects, in fact I have so many half-finished projects sitting around the house that I have lost track, still crafting and organizing... but three kids is kind of rocking my world, so documenting my very many silly projects has taken the back-burner. I keep hoping that one day I will just wake up and have it all figured out.

Anyway, one summer day I had a pretty empty fridge and something resembling Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard, so I was desperate for a yummy lunch for my hungry kids (who were craving pizza). With a little creativity, we came up with something we like to call The Pizza-dilla.
Definitely not fancy by any means (in fact, the opposite), but yummy enough (to them!) that they have asked for it again and again...

I feel goofy giving a "recipe".
Two tortillas, slap on some spaghetti sauce, mozarella, your favorite pizza toppings. 
Put both sides together and cook like a quesadilla. Dip in ranch. 
Kids love it. 

And the kids love to help, too....
  My daughter loves to help in her underwear at noon. 
(I told you I haven't figured this out yet!)


Whit said...

at least the cute thing likes to wear underwear. R won't have a thing to do with anything on her body... this creates a significant amount of problems.

I really do think L and R would be bosom buddies. Like are two peas in a pod.

The Locklins said...

Sounds tasty. These are the kind of recipes that I live for. Few ingredients and simple prep. I'm gonna try this next week.

Vicki said...

Good thing you are using those pizza plates....or Ben might ban them! Ha. Keep up the good work!

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