23 April 2012

Stay tuned.

We have had house guests (one after another) for two weeks straight. I am definitely not complaining because we have really loved spending time with family and have been having lots of fun, but that means I am behind on lots of things... like blogging. We have done a lot... a baby blessing brunch, a graduation brunch, and loads of little projects around the house (like finally putting the finishing touches on the nursery) so I have lots to share.

But before I do that, I HAVE TO focus on deep cleaning the master bathroom. I had the same nightmare, two nights in a row, that Ben offered our guests to use our master bathroom. I panicked and then woke up. The reality is just like the nightmare--- The shower is lined with soap scum (more on that later), there are loads of clothes strewn about (mostly clean laundry to be folded and a huge donation pile, so I'm not totally sloppy), and dust and fingerprints all over the mirror... I told you it was nightmare-worthy!

So as soon as I do that, and most definitely after our last guests leave at the end of the week, I will make a date with my little blog here.

So yes, Stay tuned.

1 comment:

The Locklins said...

Tuned. ;) I was just saying the same thing as I stepped into the Master shower this am. I better get at it too.

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