31 March 2012


It's been a week of little patience, mostly thanks to a bout with mastitis. (YUCK. TMI? sorry.)
One afternoon I found myself arguing with my four-year-old to give the IMAGINARY baby lion back that he allegedly took away from his little sister. Imaginary, yes. And I was begging him to give it back to her! She was in absolute hysterics. HELLO--Imaginary! I should have just as easily taken it away from him and given it back to her. But I wasn't thinking so fast. When I got a hold of myself, I couldn't stop laughing.
I obviously needed a break.
I gave myself a little time out-- forced myself to look around and appreciate the little things.

I really appreciate the streams of afternoon sunlight that force their way in through the huge west-facing windows in the family room. 
Also daffodils, fresh fruit, walking in the mountains, my zany kids and chocolate.
Sometimes it's the small things. And some days (most days) those small things are all I have going for me.  

Aahhh... fresh flowers. 
Daffodils, the surest sign of spring
which means summer is just around the corner
(and the only thing in our yard that makes it look remotely nice this time of year.)
Oh how I love them.

Have you noticed all the strawberries on grocery store shelves? 

Springtime walks and babbling brooks. 

Evidence of children.
Finding stuff like this makes me laugh... even when it's GLUED on!

More evidence of children... someone trying to be sneaky got caught when all the morsels hit the floor.  We just laughed (this was before the imaginary lion incident ;), then ate a few handfuls and snapped some photos before cleaning them up and placing them in a not-so-accessible home  ;)

What are some of the little things you appreciate most? 


Four Marrs and One Venus said...

Oh My Goodness is this post awesome. Love the simple things. LOVE LOVE LOVE! My little thing...when my middle child Mason {big stud that is most times too cool to give loves} comes up behind me, and wraps his arms so tight with a big squeeze. Love that!==so many others, just have to stop and enjoy it. Your little cuties are adorable, keep enjoying mama! -jen

Lindsey & Tony said...

Lauren! You are wonder-mom! I love your attitude and enjoyment of being a Mother. Thanks for putting a BIG smile on my face today!

The Locklins said...

Oh the small things. I have been forcing myself into timeouts lately too. And looking for moments to appreciate in the midst of the madness can be a challenge. I commend you on finding those moments to laugh. Cason with the chocolate chips, priceless moment! My mom once found my brother drinking maple syrup under the table. haha!

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