06 September 2011

Pass the Sushi.

I was so excited to receive a text from my youngest sister early last week asking if we wanted to do a sushi night. Meaning, she would come over and make us sushi! 

She is quite younger than me, and brand new to the life of an independent adult, so it felt a little bit wrong letting her do all the cooking, but not wrong enough to make her stop. We were all so impressed by her mad skills and the delicious result!

Check her out!
This is mostly for the Muth who we were thinking about the whole time (she totally gets our dumb humor). 
I made her wear a dishtowel on her head to channel her inner Sushi Chef.

That's the real deal right there, folks!

She liked the noodles.

We took it Thai for dessert with mango sticky rice. Deelish.
As we waited for everyone to wake up from very long Sunday naps, Kenz and I cooked (I mostly watched). As I started to set the table, I remembered that I had bamboo placemats and got all excited! Kenz casually said, if we're trying to be authentic, then we need to sit on the floor. It just took one look  and she knew I was taking her seriously. We moved the table and cleaned the floor, cracking ourselves up the whole time. We gathered as many Asian inspired things as we could from around the house to really set the mood (the lack of baseboards kinda ruins the pic)

I contributed the noodles. 
Haley contributed ice.

I had a darling Japanese penpal in third grade-- in every photo sent, all those pictured held up peace signs. So this was only natural and appropriate. Cason held up four fingers though, because he's four. Also appropriate.

Well, that was fun. Thanks Keeks for the delicious food and good times.
Now I challenge you to homemade pasta for Italian Night... I already have the table set in my head!

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Vicki said...

Oh my goodness!!!! This is Christmas card material! I love that you guys did this. I just wanna know why she did n't make us Sushi the whole time she was home!
Great job guys--adorable! (and yummy)

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