29 July 2011

Dining Room.

This was one of the first rooms we started and completed because there wasn't much to it. But it wasn't complete until recently when the baseboards were installed. It feels so good to have at least one space complete.

The furniture was here when we moved in. The plan was to ditch it and leave the room empty until we found something that we loved. But who knows how long it would have stayed empty! After looking at it, I realized the furniture wasn't that bad, just really vanilla. So instead we kept it and recovered the chairs... then installed shutters, painted the room, added a new light fixture, installed wood floors and baseboards (like I said, it has taken a while-- we first dug into it back in Feb2010).

I always rope my mom into these projects when she's in town... she just expects it now! It's just so much easier doing projects with two instead of one. Plus, she's absolutely the hardest worker/best collaborator/comic relief. And please don't mind the large mess, I was also subsequently getting ready for a baby shower.


It's nothing spectacular, but its progress.
Now, maybe if I put my mind to it, we will complete another room by next year!


Katie said...

This is so inspiring, I love what a little vision can do!

Joyce said...

Love it....I am so glad you didn't get rid of the furniture. It looks great with all your touches.

Vicki said...

I love doing projects with you! Count me in for September...can't wait. I love love love how this room looks. So amazing how color updated this furniture you inherited! And that darling chandelier.

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