22 April 2011

Bring on the Easter festivities.

With the Cadbury Eggs out (instead of hiding in my secret stash),
we are officially ready for the Easter Bunny.
Mr. Bunny himself :)

The china collection comes out for Easter dinner.
It's one of the most fun things (for me) about the holiday, even more than the food.

Decorating eggs and finding eggs comes tomorrow,
then Easter dresses and a spring feast.
My own personal jellybean stash is dwindling,
so I am anxious for Mr. EB (have you seen Hop?-- so cute) to bring more.

Mostly, though-
what a glorious time spring is, full of new life and new beginnings;
a beautiful time to reflect on our Savior and His infinite and eternal sacrifice
for us all.

May you enjoy a beautiful Easter weekend!


Dasia said...

Love your plates!!!

ahlin said...

Wish I could be there for dinner! Thanks for letting me slowly deplete your cadbury stash :)

Vicki said...

missing you guys today!

Vicki said...

PS--I want those egg cups! so cute.

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