11 October 2011

My Best Friend's Wedding.

Just a little somethin-somethin I've been up to for the past few months, particularly the past few weeks (and the reason I've been MIA).
Wedding Bells were ringing and Dana knew just what she wanted, I only helped her get there:
A causal and classy backyard wedding in yellow and grey.  

I have known her practically my whole life and I have never seen her look more beautiful or radiant.
She was STUNNING. They were stunning. It was truly a perfect day. 
The flowers took the better part of two days, we had SO MANY flowers. But not too many, right Gwynne? 
I'm bummed that I didn't get more or better pictures of all that hard work!

Where to start...?

Details: The Ceremony Set.

Details: The Escort Card Table/Favors.

 The beautiful Minegar home (and the groom doing some last minute clean-up).
It was such a gorgeous day.

I painted almost 30 canvases to hang everywhere.  
Dinner was served from a taco cart--- the lovebirds live on tacos and chips and salsa.


Details: The Wine Table

 Details: The Popcorn Bar
(This bride LOVES popcorn... has since we were young.)

Details: The Cake Table
This was hanging behind the cake. 

Details: Guest Tables.

Details: The Photo Booth.

The Beer Boat.
(and Calvin.)

and The Happy Couple
during their very short-lived dinnertime. 
(I'm just glad I caught it on camera)

  The scene at the end of the night.
The ambiance was so perfect that the bride and groom were the last to leave! 

Aren't they precious?
I finally got to snag a photo with the beautiful bride. 
Yep, barefoot and pregnant-- the only way.

 These are just my own amateur photos (totally wish I had more) mixed with some from the brother of the bride. I know it's a lot, but I still missed so many of the details. 
I just can't wait to see the photographers bundle! 

I feel so lucky to have been part of such a wonderful day for such a special couple. 
It was a blast to hang out with the Cuny fam for a whole week
I love seeing my best friend SO HAPPY. 
For Like Ever!


Luke{and}Dana said...

I am BEAMING Lu! YOU made our dream day come true with all of your talent and hours & hours of hard work. A gal could not ask for a better friend - one who sacrifices her time & sleep to create a memorable and beautiful day. Every detail was beyond perfect & oh so special. I love you Lu FOR LIKE EVER!

gwynne said...

You are so gifted and humble and a joy to be around. It was so fun to see you and the kiddies all week! Thanks to Grandma Joyce for all her help and Eddie to the rescue with the chips! EVERYTHING was beyond beautiful and thank you for being there for Dana and Luke...and me! The only thing missing was your sweet mom. So how about a re-do??

Love you,

Miriam said...

Wow! Amazing!! Lauren you are beyond talented. Everything looks so perfect. Congrats to you and to Dana and Luke :)

J + J said...

Lu - Words cannot express. You are so talented and I'm super jealous. The details make everything so special. The canvases - so creative! The popcorn area - seriously? I could go on and on. I want to hire you for some projects, can you move back to California please? I'll be waiting. xoxo

Congratulations to Dana!!

nicole me oh my! said...

darling!!! love it all lauren!

Dasia said...

Love, love, love! The photos totally capture the mood. It was such a beautiful wedding and turned out amazing! I am so thankful I was there to celebrate. You guys did an amazing job on every little detail from the flowers, the linens, the signs, the food and drinks, it could not have been anymore perfect!

Boo said...

You captured some incredible photos, Lu! Their wedding could not have been more perfect! Everything was beyond beautiful because of you!
It was so much fun spending a week with you and your family! I really liked being your assistant! ;) Love you so much!!

Vicki said...

So So AMAZING!SO proud of you! And happy for Ms Dana and Luke.

ahlin said...

laruen, this turned out AMAZING. i am seriously awestruck. i feel so lucky to be related to such an incredibly gifted person!

chris aka mama bird said...

lauren-such a beautiful day that you created with an eye for every single last detail. it was wonderful seling you in "action" and those kiddos of yours are precious!

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